Oya - turkish embroidery - Sera Studio
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oya turkish hand embroidery with Kumru Mısırlıoğlu
made in Trabzon, Türkiye

Oya is an antique and traditional oya hand embroidery found all-over Turkey and can be traced few centuries back, first found on silk fabrics. There are many different motifs, shapes, and colors of oya; taking the meaning from their makers, usually inspired by elements of nature around them. For many women, oya became a tool of communication, especially at times when they could not express their opinions openly. By creating and wearing these precious embroideries on their scarves, they revealed a different language; expressing emotions and thoughts through their choices in motifs and colors. The oyas for the scarves and accessories are created in collaboration with the embroiderer Kumru Mısırlıoğlu, inspired by old embroidered scarves collected from elder family members.


i.old oya scarves in the studio by Andres Altramirano


ii. woman making oya, book of turkish oya catalogue


iii. oya fragment, silk&linen, early 20th century, Museum of Fine Arts boston


iv. Kumru embroidering for edition iii


v. Walter B. Denny, Süleyman Bey Köy, near Ayvacik, Turkey, 1987


vi. collected oya scarves in the studio


vii. from the oya techniques book


viii. oya embroidered scarf of edition ii in the studio by Andres Altramirano


ix. Kumru making oya trials