Christine Safa - painter - Sera Studio
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print collaboration with painter Christine Safa
images documented in her Paris atelier in 75018

The prints for edition iii were based on an extract of a painting by the artist Christine Safa, a Franco-Lebanese artist who currently resides in Paris. Having met a few years ago, this collaboration came to life from a mutual feeling we often shared, a feeling of longing for our faraway homes. Christine’s paintings with rich colors and forms are often layered with smooth strokes of what she describes as tributes, fragments of memories, which have been welcomed and underwent time, and of experiences of her inner landscapes. The nostalgia of those landscapes we miss, the light, the air, and the sea take shape with this edition in the search and recollection of “home“

The print was adapted from Safa’s sunset in Lebanon work, with lucid shades of orange, purple, blue, and yellow, complimenting the blue hues of edition iii. The adapted print was printed in Italy, on 100 percent silk twill fabric. More of her work can be discovered through the Gallery Lelong.

image1_square the atelier in 75018, Paris


ii. watercolors on paper


iii. a mix of frequent brushes


iv. pigments for making colors


v. older paintings stacked


vi. pigments usef for the sunset painting


vii. Safa in her atelier


viii. sunset in Lebanon painting


ix.workstation and palettes