Ana Karkar - painter - Sera Studio
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Ana Karkar
in collaboration

in Montreuil, France

Ana Karkar is an American artist, living in Paris for many years. During the day, she can be found in her atelier in Montreuil, working on her paintings and sculptures.


The idea of oya as a language was interpreted through a collaboration with the painter Ana Karkar. The oil-pastel compositions, used as prints and printed on cotton and silk for the edition oya, are reminiscent of the patterns found on the traditional scarves yet interpreted through her contemporary landscape.

“I’d like to express myself visually.
I like the world of symbols and I feel like with painting
I can communicate these symbols that
you can not necessarily speak about
but you can understand intuitively.”

 From a conversation with Ana Karkar

“Karkar’s paintings are less of an address
and more of a response.


She is not saying hello.
When you look at her work,
do you feel like you’re eavesdropping?
Landscapes speak too. She’s in conversation.”

by Rachel Stuart written for MOCA Miami

“I definitely see myself bold, strong and
maybe a bit controversial because
will not apologize for my kind of strengths.”

 From a conversation with Ana Karkar