Ana Karkar - painter - Sera Studio
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print collaboration with painter Ana Karkar
images documented in her Montreuil atelier

Ana Karkar is an American-French artist, living and working in Paris for many years. During the day, she can be found in her atelier in Montreuil, passing the time on her paintings and sculptures. When we met with Ana, I shared with her the old flower motifs from turkish oya scarves and the idea of these motifs and scarves carrying the thoughts of their maker. So the oya embroidery as a language was interpreted through Ana Karkar’s illustrations of her contemporary landscape. The oil-pastel composition was illustrated on a large scale paper in her atelier and then, was printed in Italy on organic cotton and silk for the edition oya. Therefore it was possible to keep the reminiscence of the patterns found on the traditional scarves yet interpreted them through an added point of view.


i.pigments and paints of Ana


ii. stacked canvas 


iii. taking notes and trials of flowers


iv. print illustration in the making


v. trials for colors


vi. Ana in her Montreuil atelier


vii. painting ready to ship


viii. trials for in pencil and pastel 


ix. in the atelier